About Us

The Quick Tail of Spoil Me S’mo

Tiny has allergies to chicken and pork. She is the reason Spoil Me S’mo began.  The one treat we could find for Tiny was hard, too large to use for training and contained high fructose corn syrup. We researched doggie dos and don’ts then began making our own treats.

Dog Stories:

Spoil Me Smo Lady (a.k.a. Dutchess)

Lady is our newest arrival. She came to us December 2012. Lady's owner was not able to keep her. She loves to run, play tag and take car rides. She's a bit spoiled, so she fits right in with the rest of the Spoil Me S'mo family of dogs.

Spoil Me Smo Dixie (a.k.a. Dixie Doodle) is a 30 lb Blue Heeler.

Dixie came to our home after an injury to her eye. The owners were not in a position to keep her, so Dixie became our first rescue. The injury did take the use of her eye, but she still has LOTS of personality.

Spoil Me Smo Avid (a.k.a. Big Wrinkly) is a 165 lb European Great Dane.

Avid’s original owners purchased him for breeding but were unable to keep him. (Tiny also came from the same household). Smo and I were asked to foster Avid (and Tiny) until a forever home could be found. After 2 weeks in our home, I couldn’t let them go.

Spoil Me Smo Tiny (a.k.a. Pretty Girl) is a 115 lb Harlequin Great Dane.

Tiny came from the same home as Avid. Her allergies (and closeness to Avid) made her difficult to put in a new home. After 2 weeks in our home, we got used to losing our spots on the couch and the drool on the walls and the daily dog party. Tiny (and Avid) became the 2nd and 3rd addition to our family.

Spoil Me Smo Jake (a.k.a. Jakers) is a 45 lb Husky mix.

We don’t know a lot about Jake’s past. We just know that we rescued him from an abusive home. After a few vet visits and some TLC, he is as good as new. We did try placing him in 2 different homes, but Jake had made the decision he wanted to be with us. Jake is the loner of the bunch and has needed help with dog social skills along the way, but he has become a happy, loving addition to our home.

Spoil Me Smo Bella (a.k.a. Barnacle) is a 45 lb Black Lab mix.

Let me start by saying Smo was not happy when I brought Bella home. We had already decided that 300lbs of dog was enough! But I had to bring Bella home. I found Bella at the local food pantry were I volunteer weekly. One of the women in the neighborhood told me Bella had been dropped on Monday and had been waiting for her owners return ever since. Bella had stayed on the porch of the post office for 4 days. She needed a loving home and Smo couldn’t argue with that, and now she fits right in with our pack.