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Thank you SO much for bringing Elk Antlers in great sizes and affordability! They are so long lasting and my dog goes absolutely nuts over them. He also enjoys ALL flavors of your treats, but gets especially excited over the Peanut Butter Prints! Your products are worth every penny, and I can feel good about buying local! Keep up the great work.
Natalie Baker
Our dog LOVES your treats. Whenever he sees either one of you he knows you're the treat ladies and he's going to get tasty treats. He will do anything for a Peanut Butter Print! Thank you for making a healthy treat for our loved ones.
H. Baker
I purchased some of your peanut butter prints at the Watertown Music and Arts Fest last Saturday, and our dog Peanut thinks they are the best thing EVER. As soon as she sees me pick up the little box she gets so excited, then plants her butt on the floor - I don't have to say "Sit". These must be the doggie equivalent of chocolate, red wine and really good cheese all rolled into one! Thank you for making these and best of luck with your business.
Warm Regards,
My dogs are very picky eaters , and they love these all natural treats, give them a try.
Allen M
My dogs absolutely LOVE Dixie's Peanut Butter Prints! I keep them in the freezer and each time I pull out the box, I don't have to say a word to either of them. Butts hit the floor and attention is squarely zeroed in on the box. I have a Lhasa Apso and Springer Spaniel/Pointer mix, and these treats are fabulous for both sized dogs. Boo and Daisy also love love love love love Jake's Jacks. Sheer awesomeness! Thanks so much for your yummy treats and for the obvious care that goes into making them. Love the fact that they don't promote allergies!
Stacey K
Nashville, TN
Hi my name is Riley, I am a four pound maltese and I just wanted to say that I LOVE Tinys Treat Twists. They are my favorite treat and I have learned not to pee on the carpet while my mom is gone, because then I get a twisty. It is so worth it, and I just figured out another way yesterday. When mom gets home... SIT in front of the fridge and give her my pretty eyes. Seems to be working... she is the best mommy ever for finding these treats. I am so spoiled!
Lebanon, TN
After not having a dog (never mind a puppy) for close to 20 yrs I unexpectedly became a puppy owner. I was able to use Spoil me S'mo treats to potty train my puppy in no time. He loved the pinwheels and we joked that "Luke will poop for a pinwheel". Also our pup seems to have a sensitive stomach and these homemade no preservative treats have never given him any tummy trouble! We love Spoil Me S'mo treats!!! Highly recommend them!!!
Tracey R
Mt. Juliet, TN
I love 'Spoil Me S'mo' treats because they're made with all natural ingredients found in most homes and my finicky 16 year old Terrier mix will eat them without turning her nose up......Thanks so much for healthy treats.
Petra M
Statesville, TN
Bella Bears are the best treats ever! My beagle, Roscoe, is a bit of a treat-snob, but nothing gets her as excited as when I say "treat!" We will forever buy these! Thank you so much for the best treats Roscoe has ever had!
Murfreesboro, TN